How much do you charge per hour?

Our labor rate is 80.00 per hour.


How do you determine how much time to charge for a job?

We use Mitchell labor estimator to estimate all of our work which gives us industry standard labor rates.


How much is an oil change?

We charge 20.00 labor to replace the engine oil and filter. The oil and filter generally costs 30-40.00 which is in addition to our 20.00 labor charge.


How often should I have my engine oil and filter changed?

We recommend that you follow the oil change intervals that are specified by the manufacturer in your vehicle owner’s manual. This can vary from 3,000 miles up to 10,000 miles.


How much is it to replace my brakes?

For the vast majority of vehicles we charge 80.00 labor to replace brakes. Brake pads cost approximately 50.00 and the brake rotors are approximately 40-50.00 each which are both in addition to our labor charges.


Can you plug my tire?

Plugging tires should only be done in an emergency and are not considered a permanent fix. That being said, we will plug a tire to get the vehicle to a facility to be properly repaired.


What is this noise my car is making?

As awesome and convenient as it would be for us to be able to diagnose your vehicle over the phone, it just isn’t possible the majority of the time. Please bring your vehicle to us so we can properly diagnose the car in person.