The brake system is the most important part of any vehicle. Proper maintenance and repair of the brake system on your vehicle is vital to your safety. We only employ ASE certified technicians here at Afterhours Automotive that are qualified to perform any maintenance and/or repairs to the brake system on your vehicle.
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At Afterhours Automotive we employ only ASE certified technicians that are qualified to perform diagnostics on your vehicle. We have only the latest and most current diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose your vehicle.
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Proper maintenance is critical to ensuring your vehicle will continue to be reliable and safe for you to rely on and drive every day. Maintaining your vehicle is a very low cost solution to prevent costly repairs or break downs later on down the road.
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Oil Change

We recommend that you follow the oil change intervals that are specified by the manufacturer in your vehicle owner’s manual. Oil change intervals can vary from 3,000 miles to as much as 10,000 miles in some cases.
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Steering and Suspension

Another important part of your vehicle is the steering and suspension systems. The suspension is responsible for keeping the tires planted to the ground through bumps, holes, and rough terrain. These systems work hand in hand to ensure you have the best possible control of your vehicle.
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